Screw Gear


What Is A Screw Gear?

A screw gear is a type of gear system that consists of a worm gear and a worm wheel. The worm gear is a cylindrical gear with a spiral thread that runs along the length of the cylinder, while the worm wheel is a gear with teeth that mesh with the spiral thread of the worm gear. When the worm gear rotates, the worm wheel also rotates, but at a reduced speed. This reduction in speed is what provides the constant velocity ratio.



How an screw gear works?

A screw gear works by the interlocking teeth of two screws to transmit rotary motion. The screw gear is made up of two parts: the worm and the worm wheel. The worm is a helical screw that is turned by a motor or other power source. The worm wheel is a gear that has teeth that are angled to match the threads of the worm.

When the worm is turned, it engages with the teeth of the worm wheel. The teeth of the worm wheel then turn, which in turn turns the shaft of the worm wheel. This is how the screw gear transmits rotary motion.

How To Maintain The Screw Gear?

Periodic Inspection: The first step in maintaining a helical gear is to periodically inspect it for signs of wear.
Lubrication: Helical gears should be lubricated regularly to prevent wear. .
Cleaning: Helical gears should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, debris and other contaminants.
Alignment: Helical gears should be properly aligned to ensure their efficient operation.
Overhaul: If the helical gear shows obvious signs of wear or damage, overhaul may be required.


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 Screw Gear Advantages


High torque

Screw gears can transmit high torques over a wide range of speeds. This makes them ideal for applications where heavy loads need to be moved.



Screw gears are very precise, which means that they can transmit motion with very little backlash. This is essential for applications where accuracy is critical.



Screw gears are very efficient, which means that they can transmit a lot of power with relatively little energy loss. This makes them a cost-effective choice for many applications.



Screw gears are very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This makes them a good choice for applications where the gears will be subjected to harsh conditions.


Low noise

 Screw gears are relatively quiet in operation, which makes them ideal for applications where noise is a concern.


Compact size

Screw gears can be made in a compact size, which makes them a good choice for applications where space is limited.


Applications of Screw Gear

Here are some of the most common applications of screw gears:

machine tool
robot technology
aerospace engineering
textile machinery
food processing equipment
medical instruments
musical instrument



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